Light His Fire

by Dr Ellen Relationship Advice Expert

How To Turn Around Your Marriage

Here are happy stories from a few of the tens of thousands of women who have listened to my “Light His Fire” audio series:

I am 35 years old and have 2 children, ages 10 and 12. We had been married for 14 years and were definitely headed for divorce. Things seemed so hopeless and not worth the effort. My husband was cold, selfish and there was no romance in our marriage. I followed your program step by step, doing everything you said. I just wanted to write to you and tell you it all worked. By the way, the night my husband and I made passionate love by candlelight, we made a baby. I’m pregnant again! Beautiful things can happen and I owe it all to you.
– Susan T.

Your program has pulled us through everything from deaths in the family to an extramarital affair. To this day, whenever we start growing apart, we listen to them again and enjoy them more every time. We are 41 and have been married for 23 years. We were married before we were out of high school. Everyone said our marriage would never last. Thanks to you we proved them wrong. Just the sound of your voice inspires hope. Thanks for being there!
– Vera H.
I have spent 25 years talking to and coaching couples and figured out exactly what works and how they saved their marriage and stopped all conflicts immediately. I have taken each of the very best methods that have worked and get immediate results and packaged them into a 9-hour audio program.
If you want to get confident about your future together and make your marriage stronger than it has ever been then this is for you.
I have created this program specifically if:
You want your husband to be ‘in love’ with you again

You do not want to lose your husband to another woman, ever

You want your husband to find you sexy again
You want your interest in sex to come back
You want to communicate with your husband on a deeper level
You want to laugh, have fun and enjoy your husband’s company
You want to stop all problems as soon as they come up and save your marriage today
No matter how cold, distant or angry your husband may be right now, deep inside there is a warm, tender man with a heart of gold.
Your Prince Charming…
Your Prince Charming, Your Knight in Shining Armor is right there just waiting for you to bring out the best in him.
It is possible to live happily ever after. You will see your husband respond just like the stories you have read above once you learn exactly what to say and do.
You have a critical decision to make. Your story can either be a happy one which you can be proud to share with your kids one day or another couple in trouble or you can continue to experience the same relationship and struggles as you are experiencing today.
This Program Is the Fastest Possible Way To Turn Around a Failing Marriage and Rebuild the love, desire and passion today.
I am so confident that you will get all the results you desire. I want to share with you how it will change your life forever
Here is what you will get:
9 hours of audio, to help you get results today. When you download this you can chose to listen to the audio in any sequence to solve a specific problem you experiencing right now.

Here are a short sample demo from each of the 9 audio chapters. Just Press the play button to listen to a sample extract

Audio 1- Unconditional Love
In this audio you will rediscover that incredible man who you first fell in love with.

You’ll learn how to uncover all his positive traits that made him fall madly in love with you in the first place. And then you will use this information when you talk to him to make your opposite personalities work for you instead of against you.

I will reveal the exact steps you need to take that will make your husband feel important, special and loved.
When you do this there is nothing that can hold him back and start feeling an intensive level of love and attraction towards you again irrespective of what is going on in your marriage right now.
Audio 2 – Admiration & Appreciation
In this lesson you are going to learn how to be more of a woman so that he feels like more of a man. You will learn exactly what to say and do in order to make your husband feel his masculinity. When he does, he will want to do everything in his power to please you in return.
Understand what makes him tick and how to get the emotional responses from him that you need.
Please understand what I am about to reveal to you is extremely powerful and the secret to any great marriage or how to recover that connection no matter how bad your marriage may seem. Please use this information only for good only. This information is so powerful that if you use it with evil intent you can really mess up his mind and scar him for life.
Audio 3: Communication
In this audio you will learn how to break down the defensive wall that holds back any married couples from communicating with each other and making progress in their marriage.
Learn how to talk so that your mate will listen. He will feel more connected to you than he ever has before.
You will know how to open up the lines of communication and connect on a deeper, more passionate level.
This lesson is for every woman who has ever said, “My husband doesn’t like to talk.” He will once you learn these secret strategies I am about to reveal to you.
Audio 4 – Romance is a Decision
Feel like you are just paying your dues, tired, bored or lost your desire for sex? No problem! Learn how to change all that and bring out the “little girl” in you that is just waiting for permission to come out and play, laugh and have fun.
No matter how inhibited or conservative you think you are, this is the CD that will change your routine and boring love life.
And this is important if you feel physically rejected by your husband and have not felt intimacy in a long while. All of this turns around tonight.
Audio 5 Support your Local Self
The times of greatest unhappiness with your husband are usually the times you are most unhappy with yourself.
Learn how to be truly happy, realize your own potential and increase the quality of your life. If you have ever asked yourself, “Who am I?”, you’ll get the answer and a healthy dose of self-esteem.
Audio 6 – Feelings Just Are
Your feelings count! You will learn how to recognize your needs and present them in a way that gets you what you want.
You will also learn how to validate your mate’s feelings so that he feels safe and loved and will not shut down or end up in angry outbursts when talking to you
It is possible (and not too hard) to “re-learn” how to naturally save your marriage and get him to fall in love with you all over again.
And it is possible to easily overcome the common types of resistance and roadblocks that your husband has to a committed relationship, even if your situation has turned south and feels like your dark days lie ahead. Don’t put yourself on the path of a wife who, out of pain and fear, has accepted for herself a loveless life, and a permanently disconnected and lonely heart.
This program will allow you to create and experience more respect and love in your life… regardless of the problems a man might have, and regardless of your past experiences.
Stop your divorce by listening to this RIGHT NOW, risk free.
Listen This Entire Program Online RIGHT NOW, And You’ll Receive:
9 hours of audio – you can download this immediately or have the CD’s shipped directly to your home
You can download my programs, have them shipped to your home or listen online from your computer, smartphone, Ipad or other portable device.
6 Companion Guides With the 6 audio CDs above
I want to give you my hand written guides I have personally created for each lesson. This is based on my 25 years of research.
Each guide is worth well over $30 and in total the 6 work books can easily cost you $180.
These will act as your personal coach as you go through each lesson.
You get these free.
Secrets of a Great Relationship DVD
Order this program now, PLUS you will receive Dr. Ellen’s Best-Selling DVD download “The Secrets of a Great Relationship” absolutely Free (a $47.97 value)

This introductory DVD for both men and women teaches you the dynamics and foundations of Dr. Ellen’s amazing life-changing programs.

You will learn how men need sexual fulfillment in order to respond to a woman emotionally and women need emotional fulfillment in order to respond to a man sexually.
Once we understand the differences between men and women, we can communicate more effectively and are able to love more deeply.
Creating the right situation, and sparking attraction (or changing the dynamic with your husband) for a fulfilling long term relationship and lasting love are not out of your reach.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult – you don’t need to do all the heavy emotional lifting you may have done before.


In fact, it can – and should be – one of the most enjoyable, fulfilling experiences of your life. I hope you’ll let me show you how.


I am so confident that my light his fire program will work for you that I want to offer you a Guarantee and I take all the risk upfront.


Try Light His Fire RISK FREE for 30 days. If for any reason you’re not happy, simply let me know before the 30 days are up, and I’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked. And you keep any of the free bonuses. It is all yours for trying out the program.


Make the decision now that you will not waste another minute.

Learn how to have a love affair with your husband for the rest of your life because, “If you don’t, someone else will.”

If there is someone else already in his life, then learn how to fight “fire with fire” and become the only woman he will ever want and need.

Light His Fire
Recreate the passion in your relationship
Create clear lines of communication & reduce arguments
Get him to fall madly in love with you all over again
CD’s Shipped Regular Price $177.97
Your Price $127.97
Digital Download Regular Price $107.97
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WANT A TRIAL? $19.97 Only
Get Rid Of Negative Thoughts Fast
Create Positive Energy
Develop Your Thinking & Reactions
Original Price $40
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Thanks for taking the time to change your life
Dr. Ellen
P. S Make the decision to & promise yourself you will not waste another minute! Learn how to have a love affair with your husband for the rest of your life because, “If you don’t, someone else will.” Click below to check out what is included in the light your fire program
Try Light His Fire Audio RISK FREE
Light His Fire Audio:
Recreate the passion in your relationship
Create clear lines of communication & reduce arguments
Get him to fall madly in love with you all over again
CD’s Shipped Regular Price: $177.97
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Digital Download Regular Price $107.97
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Customer Feedback
I honestly thought that my lack of sexual interest was due to the onset of menopause (47 years old).

This however, is not so, and you have proven it. I recently ordered your program and I must tell you that after listening to lesson #4, my husband and I had a night that made us both feel as if we were twenty year old newlyweds.

- Linda P.
Wow, from the depths of despair to back in love again in just a few weeks, it’s amazing. You taught me that it’s never too late and to never give up.

My husband was gone for 3 weeks when I got your program.

I could only do my homework assignments over the phone. Now that he is back home, I can practice everything you taught me and every day we are getting closer. I will NEVER get this far off track again! You are a true miracle worker.

- Christine B.
My husband celebrated my birthday for the 1st time in 12 years! I couldn’t believe it.

You were so right when you said that if I change my attitude and behavior, he’ll want to do everything in his power to make me feel loved.

What was so wonderful was that he included our 6 and 8 year old boys in planning the surprise and getting me gifts. I have convinced 3 of my girlfriends to get your program, and we all can’t believe the changes in our husbands.

- Sharon L.
After one divorce and a second marriage in trouble, I finally came to the conclusion that maybe I had something to do with the failures. I needed to better understand what my husband wasn’t getting from me.

Your program helped me see my part in all of this. I now know why my 1st marriage failed, and how to prevent that from ever happening to this one. Because of what you taught me, instead of making an appointment with a divorce lawyer, we made an appointment with a travel agent!

Before finding you, I would have never believed this was possible.

- Paula N.

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